A Seller’s Agent

When the decision is made to sell your home, it is important to interview a handful of experienced real estate professionals with adequate knowledge of your local area.  An experienced agent will always be two steps ahead of everyone, is there to advocate for you and will provide you and your family peace of mind.

Your agent should be diligently trying to market your property, keeping you informed through the entire process, negotiating furiously on your behalf, answer all of your questions with competence and speed and never, ever disclose your financial position to anyone.  Your agent should provide you factual evidence to give you a clear direction so you are able to make an educated, informed decision about your sale.

As a seller’s agent, they represent you and not the buyer.  If you do not have a written listing agency agreement, anything you tell a realtor can be relayed back to the buyer.  A sellers’s agents loyalty lies in negotiating the highest price possible for your property and structuring the transaction to your advantage and keeping your bargaining and financial position confidential.

The cost associated with procuring a seller’s agent will hinge on the marketing efforts bring to the table.  Sellers pay a pre-negotiated real estate commission, that is split between the listing agent and buyers agent.

Last but not least, select an agent that works with enough clients to be knowledgeable and experienced, but not so many that you are vying for their time and effort.

Here are a few factors to consider when interviewing agents.

  • Is there a personality match?
  • Do they make me feel comfortable?
  • Do I feel like they are on my side?
  • Do I find myself getting defensive?
  • Will the agent give me the time and attention I deserve?