Falling In Love with San Rafael Public Schools

shcool in glenwood neighborhood where kathleen diringer can find you a home
Courtesy of the Marin IJ

The first thing that buyers usually quiz me on when they are moving into the area is the school system. The fact is, our schools are pretty phenomenal! There are 45 elementary school districts to choose from, which graduate into 10 junior high schools and 9 high schools. According to Great Schools.org, our schools all have great ratings.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.45.52 PMThe school system is divided into two separate districts, Dixie and San Rafael City Schools District. If you choose a home in the Dixie school district, your kids will begin at one of the three elementary schools there and move on to Miller Middle School. After this point, most kids in the Dixie school district will attend Terra Linda High.

With the SRCS district, there are seven elementary schools as well as a K-8 option that is available. Unless you choose a home that is tied to the K-8 option, your kids will move on to Davidson Middle School after they complete elementary school and then attend San Rafael High after this.Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.29.52 PM

One of the best things about San Rafael is that we offer an open enrollment. This means that if you have a preference of one high school over another, you can easily transfer between the two. You’ll just need to fill out some paperwork to make the exchange happen. This can open you up to more home options.

This year, the schools were awarded a grant so that they can train so that math, science and related fields can be integrated into the teaching method in a more effective manner. The intent was to help instruct teachers on the best ways to deal with Common Core Standards and to help them to know how to apply real world applications inside the classroom.

This fits in nicely with ‘Headsup’ program that was launched a few years ago by the SRCS district. With this program, we gather donations through residents and local businesses to help create programs that can benefit all of our kids, regardless as to which school they attend. So far this year, $400,000 has been raised, which is used for technology programs, music classes and field trips.

The Dixie District also has a program called the ‘Can Do’ project. This is similar to the ‘Headsup’ program and work is done year round to make sure that the program is a success when it comes to brining better education opportunities to the kids who live in this district.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.30.22 PMBoth districts are great and the area offers a 90% rate of graduation, which is over 10% more than the rest of the state. The teachers that you will find at any of the schools are working hard to make sure that they have the best tools needed to deliver the new standards to the kids and know how to work with the parents to make sure that the kids are getting the education that they deserve. I see nothing but growth in the school districts and it is difficult to go wrong when you are choosing a school district for your kids to attend.




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