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At Diringer Realty one of our priorities is making sure our clients have access to all the best resources. Recently we talked about how to find reliable information about local schools, and today we want to share another interesting website that just caught our eye: This website takes a “Pinterest-like” approach to listings.

“Existing real estate sites limit visual search, are crowded with too many charts and graphs, and seem to hinder communication rather than encourage it,” said Househappy founder and CEO Kevin McCloskey in a statement. Instead of text-heavy listings, the simple website shows all its listings as pictures, which users can click on for more details about the properties, and offers an option to mark favorites, instantly saving them to the user’s profile. The site is also integrated with many social media platforms, allowing users to share their discoveries. Recently Househappy partnered with ListHub, broadening its listing offerings to include 2 million listings.

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As you begin your house search, a site like Househappy can help you refine the search for your dream home. There are so many options on the market and as you start looking the options can be overwhelming. Do you want a modern feel or something more traditional? Are you drawn to houses with luxury features or utilitarian design? What details grab you? Try using Househappy a few times without a specific agenda. Approach it like window-shopping, scrolling through images and marking the houses that stand out to you. Over time your profile will help you identify certain patterns. Maybe you’ll start to notice that a lot of the houses you are marking are Cape Cod-style, or that you favor homes with sumptuous master baths- all of this is data that you can share with your agent to help her find your perfect house!

If you have any questions about a house you see on Househappy or want to talk one-on-one with Kathleen about figuring out what your ideal home looks like, please give us a call at (415)793-3040 or use this form!

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