2016 CA School Rankings by Niche.com

School rankings are controversial – what actually makes a school great? That is a complex question. Here are new CA School Rankings from Niche.com. Who is Niche? Formerly called CollegProwler.com – this company says they provide data and aggregates “big” data to give insights on Neighborhoods, Colleges and Schools.

What I have found interesting is many of the “reviews” are from students – an interesting and new approach. This sounds good but not sure why all the kids “reviews” at San Rafael High seem to be asked about sports at the school? Huh? Reviewer of Redwood High say they have access to great sporting equipment? Hmmm?

Take a poke around -click the school and look at the reviews which are odd and remember data isn’t everything. We are fortunate in Marin to have very good schools. Redwood High and Tamalpais scored very well. Drake was a bit farther down the list. Terra Linda High scored less than San Rafael High. My high school Miramonte scored #6 – would I have given it that score? I recommend we talk to the students and ask them even more questions.

Click for 2016 CA High School Rankings by Niche.comNiche.com Top Schools in California 2016


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