Marin Schools on the cutting edge (AGAIN)! San Rafael, CA

Marin County Schools on the cutting edge (AGAIN)! San Rafael, CA

This time Marin’s cutting edge is in the realm of education and health.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.49.32 PM

For some time now we have been training our children to become sedentary adults.  We spend the first two years of their lives teaching them to walk and talk, and we spend the next 16 years teaching them to sit down and be quiet. In the classroom kids are expected to sit for long periods of time, recess aside they spend much of the school day on their rears.

Sitting for the school day is both counter-productive when it comes to focus,  and detrimental when it comes to health. Studies have shown that if they were able to stand and move a little, their ability to focus increases, and therefore as a result so does their ability to take in and retain information.

San Rafael’s Vallecito Elementary School, with Principal Tracy Smith leading the charge, is about to change all that ! They are one of the first schools in the state to transition to standing desks. This is a desk that allows the student to stand up while they work. Stools are offered too, but for the main part don’t seem to be used that much as the students find that standing is quite comfortable for them, both physically and mentally. Vallecito did a test group first, to see how this would impact the students, and due to the success of that experiment, they are moving quickly to being an all standing school ! The teachers are pleased too, having noticed a marked difference in how their students were able to perform at their best level for longer.

Read this fascinating article below:

Some may be wondering, “How are the kids going to react to this change?”

Well, it seems it was overwhelmingly positive. The kids moved seamlessly to the standing desks, the younger they were, and therefore the less training they had had in sitting, the quicker the transition.

Check out what some have to say. They made it on the news !

In Marin we like to stand up for each other, that is just who we are …

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