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San Rafael is a lively community with a large downtown surrounded by warm, rolling California hills. Many of my clients are interested in learning more about the area and with an influx of people moving to San Rafael I decided to piece together a bit more information regarding Marin County schools and the two main San Rafael school districts.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.29.52 PMLet’s start with “central” San Rafael. The district office that supports this area is appropriately named San Rafael City Schools. This district office covers 13 schools and 5,700 students – see list of all schools and San Rafael City School Boundary Map. This includes six elementary schools,two middle schools, and our two high schools: San Rafael High School in central San Rafael and Terra Linda High in the north. Both offer a variety of advanced placement (AP) courses.The major neighborhoods covered by SRCS are Sun Valley, Grestle Park, Bret Harte, Dominican, Loch Lomond, Glenwood, Peacock Gap, and Santa Venetia. See my Communities pages.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.45.52 PMUp Highway 101 north on the west is the Dixie School District region. As one of the oldest in the area,founded in 1864, the Dixie School District serves over 1,750 students with class sizes being no larger than 22 students each. This is a great attribute of the Dixie School District and contributes to its high graduation rate. We have three elementary schools in the Dixie School District – Vallecito Elementary in Terra Linda, Mary E. Silveira Elementary in Marinwood, and Dixie Elementary in Lucas Valley – see a list of all schools and Dixie School District Boundary Map.

In regards to student teacher ratio, take for example, Dixie Elementary. The school has 360 students and has a staff of 20 teachers and a certified Speech Therapist as well. Their API score averages around 930 and they have a technology coordinator on board to help children get the highest level of education.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.30.22 PMDixie’s middle school Miller Creek Middle School has 34 classrooms that educate the schools 600 middle school students. Miller Creek Middle School staffs 38 accredited teachers and a host of other additional factually members. Most students continue on to Terra Linda High School which has 100 teachers and additional staff members. This high school is well equipped to help children reach some of the best levels of any school amongst Marin County schools.


San Rafael City School district boundary map

Dixie School district boundary map

If you’d like more information on each of these school districts contact me today. I’d love to assist you with your home search. Please feel to call me at 415-793-3040! Kathleen

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