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San Rafael Loves Education – 5 elementary schools receive CA State Award
Vallecito Elementary School is in the Dixie School District of San Rafael, CA. Let's congratulate principal Tracy Smith and all the teachers. Four other San Rafael Schools received this award: Mary Silviera, Sun Valley, Glenwood, and Santa Venetia. These schools have each received the 2016 Gold Ribbon School Award. A total of 8 Elementary schools in Marin county received this 2016 award from the California Dept of Education. To see the fill list [more]
2016 CA School Rankings by
School rankings are controversial - what actually makes a school great? That is a complex question. Here are new CA School Rankings from Who is Niche? Formerly called - this company says they provide data and aggregates "big" data to give insights on Neighborhoods, Colleges and Schools. What I have found interesting is many of the "reviews" are from students - an interesting and new approach. [more]
Marin Schools on the cutting edge (AGAIN)! San Rafael, CA
Marin County Schools on the cutting edge (AGAIN)! San Rafael, CA This time Marin’s cutting edge is in the realm of education and health. For some time now we have been training our children to become sedentary adults.  We spend the first two years of their lives teaching them to walk and talk, and we spend the next 16 years teaching them to sit down and be quiet. In the [more]
Falling In Love with San Rafael Public Schools
The first thing that buyers usually quiz me on when they are moving into the area is the school system. The fact is, our schools are pretty phenomenal! There are 45 elementary school districts to choose from, which graduate into 10 junior high schools and 9 high schools. According to Great, our schools all have great ratings. The school system is divided into two separate districts, Dixie and San [more]
San Rafael Public School Information
San Rafael is a lively community with a large downtown surrounded by warm, rolling California hills. Many of my clients are interested in learning more about the area and with an influx of people moving to San Rafael I decided to piece together a bit more information regarding Marin County schools and the two main San Rafael school districts. Let’s start with “central” San Rafael. The district office that [more]
How Great Are Marin County Schools?
As September rolls around, many parents have school on the brain! I am constantly asked about the quality of schools in Marin. In particular, the elementary schools. It feels like we have a bit of a baby blooming happening. A slight exodus from San Francisco perhaps. I moved in 2006 from SF to Sausalito and then to the "suburb" of San Rafael and started my own family. I must say [more]